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OpenBrIM app is our main 3D modeling platform, includes our 2D drafting engine, 3D advance analysis engine, inspection, load rating, health monitoring and more. It provides access to all OpenBrIM.Incubator and OpenBrIM.Library objects.

OpenBrIM Brings Finite Element Analysis To Your Browser

OpenBrIM.Analysis is a cross-platform, high performance 3D finite element application specifically designed for the bridge engineering industry.

Element Library

Spring Stiffness Element (Linear/Nonlinear)
6x6 Stiffness Element (Linear)
Line Element (Linear/Nonlinear) (Elastic/Inelastic)
Surface Element (Linear/Nonlinear)
Volume Element

Loading Capabilities

Nodal loads and Nodal Displacement Loads
Element Loads
Temperature Loads (Uniform, Linear, Nonlinear Gradient)
Vehicular and Pedestrian Live Loads
Prestressing Loads
Wind Loading

Supported Analysis Types

Linear/Nonlinear Static Analysis
Pushover/Buckling Analysis
Influence Surface Based Live Load Analysis
Eigenvalue/Ritz/Response Spectra Analysis
Time Dependent Staged Construction Analysis

Staged Construction Analysis

World's First And Only Parametric Staged Construction Analysis Engine That Runs In Your Browser

OpenBrIM.FEA Supports Wide Variety of Bridges and Construction Activities

Staged Placement of Girders and Slabs for Continuous Structures
Span-by-span Erection of Segmental Bridges
Cast in-Situ Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction
Balanced Cantilever Construction of Precast Segmental Bridges
Incrementally Launched Bridges
Erection of Cable-Stayed Bridges
Extradosed Bridges
Suspension Bridges

Time Dependent Staged Construction Analysis

Staged construction analysis takes into account the effects of geometric, material nonlinearity, and time dependent material properties that include:

Time Dependent Elastic Modulus
Concrete Creep Effect
Concrete Shrinkage Effect
Steel Relexation Effect
PT Losses due to creep, shrinkage and superimposed loads

Discover More...

Branched Staged Construction Analysis
Activate/Deactive Elements
Change Boundary Conditions(Add/remove supports)
Prestressed Tendons & Post-Tensioned Tendons(Bonded/Unbonded/External)
Long-Term & Short-Term Losses for Tendons
Multi-Step Tendon Stressing