So Intuitive, So Easy

Software providers can make use of OpenBrIM Platform at different levels:

Server Side API

All OpenBrIM information is stored in OpenBrIM's cloud servers and directly accessible through our server side API.

ParamML Engine

It is also possible to embed and make use of our ParamML engine which performs parametric calculations and resolves references of parametric dependencies.

Embed OpenBrIM Features

The next level of integration is by embedding OpenBrIM application features, such as meshing algorithms, analysis routines, design procedures.


You can make use of high performance, cross-platform UI components of OpenBrIM Platform. These UI components are developed in-house specifically for scientific and engineering applications -- including spreadsheets, 3D modeling and graphics engine, tree controls, gantt charts and more.

Full Integration

It is also possible to customize and directly embed OpenBrIM applications within yours.


We also provide customization and re-branding of OpenBrIM Platform for your users.