OpenBrIM Platform Takes Complexity out of Digital/BrIM Delivery for Designers

With OpenBrIM Parametric Workflows, create digital twin of your bridge in months minutes.

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    Parametric Modelling in Spreadsheets

    Create detailed 3D bridge model and analytical representation of bridge by putting individual components together - just like putting Lego pieces together. OpenBrIM brings Lego concept to engineering.

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    Run FEA in Your Browser

    Run Finite Element Analysis to capture results. OpenBrIM.FEA 100% cloud-based, cross-platform, high performance, 3D finite element simulation software specifically designed for the bridge engineering industry.

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    Validate your designs per AASHTO LRFD 9th Edition and DOT Amendments. OpenBrIM reinvents specification checks by giving users the power to change or comment on the design procedure with its open-source OpenBrIM Library.

OpenBrIM Platform Takes Complexity out of Digital/BrIM Delivery for Bridge Owners

Reduce Bridge Operating and Management Cost With OpenBrIM Technology

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    Create Dynamic & Parametric Reports

    OpenBrIM dynamic summary reports contain analysis results, specification checks, 2D-3D drawings, quantities, cost and more. Design firms can use OpenBrIM Library to customize the parametric dependencies and displayed parameters in the dynamic summary reports per DOT requirements.

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    Sign and Seal The Deliverables

    Use OpenBrIM.Sign services to sign and seal the document online. Any change made to the documents after you sign the document, immediately invalidates your signature. The document will need to be approved and signed again.

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    Use OpenBrIM Asset Management Services for the Bridge Life Cycle

    Utilize the same model for inspection management, permit routing, health monitoring, load rating and more. Run load rating or check structural safety based on deteriorated condition of the bridge in months minutes.

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World's First And Only Parametric Finite Element Analysis Engine That Runs In Your Browser


OpenBrIM.FEA 100% cloud-based, cross-platform, high performance, 3D finite element simulation software specifically designed for the bridge engineering industry. It enables you to test, validate, and optimize your designs through Finite Element Analysis via a standard web browser.


OpenBrIM.FEA Supports Wide Variety of Bridges and Construction Activities

Staged Placement of Girders and Slabs for Continuous Structures
Span-by-span Erection of Segmental Bridges
Cast in-Situ Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction
Balanced Cantilever Construction of Precast Segmental Bridges
Incrementally Launched Bridges
Erection of Cable-Stayed Bridges
Extradosed Bridges
Suspension Bridges


OpenBrIM.FEA Approved By PennDOT

OpenBrIM.FEA has been reviewed and has been accepted for use within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on October 1, 2021 for refined analysis to determine LFD and LRFD analysis and ratings.
See Approval Letter

OpenBrIM Library


OpenBrIM Library is built on a community-driven library concept capable of supporting a large community, and providing the toolset to encourage collaboration.

OpenBrIM Library contains engineering definitions used by all OpenBrIM apps and services, forming a full transparency layer between you and OpenBrIM. Sign up and experience OpenBrIM library in your browser.


Universal Translator for Bridge Engineers

OpenBrIM can read write most file formats commonly used in bridge engineering industry. OpenBrIM Platform is your universal translator for all things engineering.

Supported File Formats
Meet OpenBrIM Platform

The Next Generation Engineering Software


Our flagship app that packs all platform features and modules into one.


Integrated development environment for content providers.


Engineering information repository with an open API.


Section analysis and design of arbitrary cross-sections.


High performance, advance 3D finite element analysis.


Powerful, flexible, easy to use load rating and automated routing.


A collaborative, parametric fully on-cloud 2D drafting and CAD engine.


Contextual document management and sharing.


Secure and privacy aware digital signature service.


A fully integrated sensor management, alert and storage system.


Autonomous drone management and data analysis suite.


An extensible real-time verification and testing system.

OpenBrIM Platform is used by bridge engineers of top design firms*

*Top 100 design firms as reported by Engineering News-Record.

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