OpenBrIM Platform Overview

OpenBrIM.Incubator allows authors to create, maintain, and communicate engineering information in a collaborative environment.

Parametric Markup Language

At the core of OpenBrIM platform lies a powerful parametric engine that can evaluate millions of expressions and parametric dependencies in split of a second.


ParamML is an object oriented and open standard specifically designed for representing complex engineering and scientific data that supports object definitions, complex object dependencies, extensibility, conditional data and repetitions.

Parameters And Objects

ParamML can be used to represent any engineering related information that can be put in a generic form of key/value pairs. We call these parameter and parameter values. Parameters can be grouped into entities -- these entities are called objects. An object can contain other objects allowing intuitive representation of hierarchical objects.

Parametric Dependency

A parameter value can be a piece of data (a number, text, or reference to another parameter), or it can be a calculation that depends on other parameters. This simple yet very powerful setup is capable of representing even the most challenging engineering information in digital form.

OpenBrIM Developer

Through ParamML, OpenBrIM platform delegates all things engineering to OpenBrIM Library.All objects used for creating models (girders, floors, piers etc.), databases (material, section, rebar etc.), design codes (AASHTO, ACI etc.), documents and more are created and maintained by authors on OpenBrIM Incubator and OpenBrIM Library using ParamML.

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OpenBrIM is the only fully integrated development environment for the bridge engineering industry. It enables bridge engineers to quickly build their own cloud-based solutions and share them with everyone.


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OpenBrIM Platform is used by engineers who work for the most trusted organizations.



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