Load Rating

A dedicated dashboard is available for load rating, where you can change strength of structural components, manage rating vehicles, and perform load ratings quickly. OpenBrIM utilizes 3D finite element analysis and influence surface based live loading method to provide accurate load rating reports.

Inspection Management

Pictures, documents, communications can be attached to project components and tracked through out the life cycle of the structure.

OpenBrIM Library

OpenBrIM Library provides definitions for all things engineering, such as signs, barriers; even traffic conditions, rules and regulations.

Create IFC-based BIM workflows in OpenBrIM Platform

AASHTO Board of Directors recommends the adoption of IFC Schema as the national standard for AASHTO States

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Open Data Policy

Maintain Bridge Data for 100 years with OpenBrIM Techonology


Data is available in a convenient and modifiable form in browser environment. With OpenBrIM Generic Parameter Mapping techonology, library authors can create a link between the parameter of the library component and parameter of requested file format. Click here to see parameter mapping example for IFC.


OpenBrIM can read write most file formats commonly used in bridge engineering industry. OpenBrIM Platform is your universal translator for all things engineering. Click here to see supported file formats.


With OpenBrIM bidirectional data transfer features and OpenBrIM.Connect, OpenBrIM models are reusable in different software packages. Click here to see bidirectional data transfer example.