We create unique solutions for your projects

Manage the entire construction project lifecycle with our technology

One software often doesn't fit the needs of every project, team, or company without some level of customization. We customize our tools for your project and better user experience in OpenBrIM Library.


Our customized data management system facilitates construction information management and communication by providing structured and reliable information at any moment with user-friendly spreadsheets and forms. Thanks to greater and seamless flow of information between team members, you can increase productivity and efficiency exponentially in your projects.


Work together with your colleagues on the same spreadsheet at the same time. See updates in real time with your project teams and track the history of changes on the file. Use data validation to prevent any mistake on the spreadsheets and forms and achieve data integrity all the time


Manage your multiple projects in a centralized data repository with following tools to meet your project goals and needs;
- Periodic Reports: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
- Quality & Safety Reports
- RFIs
- Drawing Management
- Submittals
- Meeting Reports
- Time Cards
- Site Photos

Team Collaboration

We provide real-time collaboration and multi-user access with all of our solutions and enable team members to work simultaneously. 


See every project update, comments, and document on a single page and be notified about changes immediately.

Control Your Project

Admin accounts can approve or reject critical modifications with a request for approval feature.


Stunning Dashboards & Reports

Tap into the real potential of your data with dashboards.

OpenBrIM Dashboards delivers in-depth analysis that helps you transform your data into something more meaningful.

Dig deep into your data, understand the impact it has on your business, and then turn those findings into action.

More to Discover


Attach comments to projects or individual tasks for you and team members.

​Spreadsheet View

Use built-in spreadsheet view for developing project schedules with easy-to-use copy and paste feature.

Portfolio Management

​Manage all your project portfolio with simple tracking list and stunning dashboards.

Store Files

Upload files and documents to any project or an individual task.

Export Schedule

Export Gantt Charts, Lists and Dashboards to PDF, Spreadsheet and MS Project files.


Track project schedules, resources, and finances with stunning dashboards.

Import Files

Import Spreadsheet and MS Project files to create new project schedules.

Resource Management

Manage project resources and track hours spent on tasks and projects.

Create Templates

Creating templates for you and your team to use for future opportunities and save time and effort.